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Monday, February 28, 2005

Dear Jack Ceming - My old science teacher

Dear Jack/Maija/Jason Ceming
I probably should have brought this up when I spoke with Jack this evening, but I was in a bit of a rush and by the tone so was Jack.
To reiterate, I told Jack about my Uncle Aime Desabrais’s fall while taking out the garbage. This almost 88-year-old man told me " I slid fifteen feet before I finally fell. It was like I was on skates. I hit my head so I’m not even sure how long I laid there for. I managed to crawl on my hands and knees back up to the apartment (townhouse # 234). I’ve complained before about the amount of sheer ice but no one seems to do anything about it. I got some coarse salt and sand to do my own walk, after your Aunt Carmen fell trying to get to her car." (Carmen’s son also fell - splitting open his lip)
This man is in amazing physical shape. Extremely agile, active and in full control of all his mental faculties. Had he not been in such good shape this type of fall would have been much more serious, possibly fatal. As it is he is suffering from bruised or cracked ribs, overall aching and a severe headache.
Being as proud as he is, he refused medical attention. "I survived the Second World War, this won’t kill me." His wife Carmen (panicky as she was) called me to please come over. She had to miss some work until I got there which may or may not end up being detrimental to her new job.
I checked for a possible concussion and any other broken bones gave him a painkiller and put him to bed.

On a much less serious note, there is still the issue of their patio/balcony/lanai.
From what I understand, Aime and Carmen’s are yet the only one unfinished. Aime was good enough to allow the "Abbot and Costello" duo that was hired and then justifiably fired to come through their townhouse to upgrade the patios for everyone around them.
Due to the incomplete (the flashing still hasn’t been completed) and incompetent job done by "Abbot and Costello", the carpet is lifting and the exposed wood is warping.
Aime can’t remember if it was Jack or Jason who came over to witness this last summer.
We have had to shovel the snow off, break up the ice blocking the drain after one of the "flash melts – flash freezes" as the water was almost coming into the living room. Yes Jack, as you inferred, understandably the weather this winter has been rather odd to say the least. I still don’t think it’s any excuse for the condition of the parking lot or the walkways.
Update – Tuesday February 22, 2005.
On Saturday February 19, 2005 after being bedridden and sleeping off and on since his fall, my Uncle Aime coughed up some blood then asked his wife to please call an ambulance – totally out of character!
The paramedics arrived and suggested that there may be a punctured lung or a more serious head injury. His blood pressure was extremely and dangerously low.
Aime was admitted to St Joseph’s then transferred to the Laurentian site of the HRSRH.
He was diagnosed with pneumonia. This is directly attributed to his inability to move/walk around and fluid had developed in his lungs impairing his oxygen intake and causing some heart weakness. Hence the onset of some dizziness and confusion.
He has been discharged as of today but is virtually bedridden as the painkillers and antibiotics have yet allowed him to once again be as mobile. This, I might add is depressing him - again, totally out of character.
His wife and I have altered/missed our work shifts in order to care for him.
Aime would never consider legal action as he feels as though it is below him.
I, on the other hand feel as though there should be some sort of recompense. Aime is by far in any financial need and would undoubtedly be upset with me for even mentioning this.
Although in the long run he would probably appreciate it.
I don’t feel it untoward to request some months of rent waiver. What would you consider reasonable and in "good faith"?
As pleasant as Suzanne Brunelle is, I don’t think a certificate from the Sudbury School Hairdressing renders her capable of delegating (or the knowledge of) the necessary and essential "general maintenance" issues involved with such a large complex as City View Gardens. (Even rent payment must be done around her schedule – as per the monthly notice attached to the main office door.)
I do want to thank you for getting the sand truck out to the parking lot the following day as that was my Uncle’s major concern. Will this be done on a regular basis from now on regardless of the unpredictable weather conditions?
Please contact me as my Uncle is still recovering.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wish Come True E-Mail

Hey you all! Guess what? It Worked!

Right on schedule (as I sent that Irish good luck thing to the allotted number of people) first thing this morning I received an letter from Revenue Canada. I was reassessed. I OWE them another 148.00 dollars!

The next son of a bitch that sends me any Irish, Scottish, Chinese, Buddhist, Afghani, Argentinean, Madagascan or religious "good luck or else" email I will personally hunt you down, take you out back, blindfold you, stick a lit cigarette in your mouth - whether you smoke or not and have you gunned down!

Love and kisses,