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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dumbest thing I've done - to date

While working on the West Coast of Vancouver Island for a Fly-In fishing resort I did one of the dumbest things I ever did.

It was a Friday and my turn to do the grocery shopping for Brenda and myself.
Brenda had the vehicle, as she needed it for her store in Tofino.

We agreed to meet at the ”Ship” for a cocktail and she would pick me up from there.

I arrived first with six rather heavy bags of very expensive groceries and most importantly two cartons of cigarettes. (Everything out that far is pricey but the cigarettes alone were worth 160.00 dollars.)

I lugged them up the ramp onto the ship (permanently moored vessel) ordered a beer and waited. An hour or so later Brenda arrived and I asked her for the keys to put the groceries in the truck (Tracker actually – crappy vehicle)

I hauled everything down to the parking lot spotted the black Tracker and tried the key. It didn’t work, but thankfully the rear door was unlocked. I threw everything in and went back for a much needed beer and some dinner.

A couple of hours later Brenda and I were leaving and approaching the parking lot I noticed that the Tracker was closer to the ship. I asked Brenda when she came out to move the truck. “I didn’t” she replied, “ I was parked here the whole time”.

To make a short story even longer – I put all of our groceries into the back of a now long gone black Tracker belonging to some tourist!

They were probably stopped at the border.
One, because of the smell of rotting produce or two for smuggling cigarettes!